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This is a blog where we post our routines, meals, tips, pictures and anything else related to fitness and our shredding journey.
Get shredded or live mirin brah.

Had some sad news, a friend of mine has sadly died, he was a keen gym goer and had a heart if gold! What a mad laugh he was. Stuff like this gives me the motivation needed to achieve my goals. RIP pal, take care.

Tuesday is legs day, heavy squats are so much fun! Struggling to walk but it’s totally worth it :-)

What an awful day, you know it’s not good when you leave the house and it’s still dark! Oh well, nothing that a good gym session won’t sort out, hope everyone has a good day!

Has protein shake before bed - wakes up needing a piss at 3am! Not cool!

Guys need some opinions, not sure what pre sup to use! No Explode or Jack3d! Feel free to help me out with choosing this one!